Friday, June 10, 2011

My obsession with burlap

...I'm not sure how it started...and at the moment I can't see it ending any time soon.  I LOVE burlap!!!  Today I created two pieces using burlap in frames.  For the first, I stenciled our family name and established date onto the burlap. I then framed it and put it up.  I added the bow later because I felt like it needed something.

Then, because one wasn't enough...and I purchased a whole yard to play around with, I padded and framed a second piece that I can hang items on.  How great is that?!!  I can change out details as the seasons change.

And because I need a group of 3 to hang together, the last piece, much like the second allows me to hang items, but this time I covered one of my metal magnet boards without the padding, so that I can change out pictures.  Then I spray painted  some clothes pins and glued them to the bottom of the frame so that I can hang extra.

Pictures coming...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Recycled denim purse

I cut off the legs of an old pair of my daughter's jeans.  My initial cut was a little crooked, so I evened them out.

I then took some scrap red fabric with white stars and sewed right sides together along the edges.  This fabric won't fit perfectly inside the purse because I'm not following a pattern.  The first purse I made, I traced the inside fabric to be about the same shape as the purse.  It also worked just as well.

 Here I flipped the top edge of the fabric under and pinned the lining to the inside of the purse.  Jean material is difficult to work with as you sew over belt loops and the front button area.  I plan on using a ribbon belt that will help draw the eye away from my little imperfections! ;)

As I sewed closed the lining, I made sure to leave an opening so that I could turn the entire purse inside out when the time came.

Then, turning the jean part inside out, I sewed the outside portion closed.

Once everything was right side out, I went back to close the opening in the lining. I then added a ribbon belt and straightened out the bottom.

 I added a strap to finish it off!

Rag Wreath

Just in time for Memorial Day, I finished my red, white, and blue rag wreath. Using a metal ring and scraps from countless other projects, I finished this in about an hour.

I tore all of the material in approximately 2" strips and cut the strips about 3" long.  Then I tied the pieces until the wreath was complete.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Relay for Life Pin

Tomorrow I am participating in the Relay for Life fundraiser benefitting the American Cancer Society.  This year our school has done so much to raise money for the cause after learning one of our 5th grade students was fighting leukemia.  I'm so excited to participate with our staff, and am thrilled that there are themes throughout the walk.  The event begins tomorrow afternoon and goes through the night and into the next morning because the event's theme is "Cancer never sleeps."  I will be walking from 12-1a.m. during the "Jammie Jog" themed hour.  I picked out my jammie pants today that match my shirt for the event.

I also wanted to honor my three grandparents that I lost to lung cancer.  I know that staff members came to school today with their shirts painted and ironed on with tributes to their loved ones that are fighting or have lost their battles with cancer.  This morning I had the idea that I could wear a set of angel wings for each of my grandparents lost.

I spent the better part of an hour walking around Michael's looking for angel wing luck.  Then I searched for white luck.  Then just as I was ready to leave, I found this glittery foam with adhesive backing...PERFECT...I'll just make my own.

Although cute, I thought it needed to look more heavenly, so I used this small sized feather boa and stuck them to the adhesive part of the wings.

I added a purple ribbon (the color for Relay for Life) and a pearl button in the center (the pearl ribbon is designated for lung cancer.  It makes the wings look like a person is in between them.

Then to the back, I hot glued a pin so that I can attach them to my shirt.  That way I will have them with me the whole time I'm walking.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Magnet Board

Monday begins Teacher Appreciation Week at our school.  Here is Tanner's gift for the first day.  Lucky me...I had everything already on hand.  A couple of years ago I purchased small magnet boards from Cynthia and Co. and still had some I hadn't used yet.  I was waiting for someone else to make one for.

Using spray adhesive, I covered the front of the board with scrapbook papers.  Then using some cardboard punches, I covered a flower and tag with some additional coordinating paper.  To the back of the cardboard punches and a couple of rhinestones, I hot glued magnets...and tada!

**Big Milestone Moment** I've been following so many crafty blogs and gotten so many fabulous ideas that I thought I'd start linking up to linky parties!! I even have made a new tab along the left side for all the sites I've linked to.  So many things on my blog are other great ideas that I find from all the craft-a-holics out there, but here's one that I came up with that I can share...maybe someone out there will find it inspiring!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ruffled Runner

Happy Easter!  While the kids are sinking into their sugar comas, I escaped to the computer to find out who on earth would actually post on Easter Sunday.  Apparently there are a lot of bloggers out there that have extra time on their hands, or can post later than they actually write it.  Here was my find of the day from Oopsey Daisy.  It isn't a new post, nor new idea.  I have seen it on other posts and thought how much my mom would love it.  Hmmm....maybe a mother's day gift?  Any way, this runner is ruffled in denim and antique looking red, white, and blues.  It would be perfect for her.  And since currently I'm the only one reading my blog, she'll never know!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week

I'm now on the look out for great ideas for TAW.  It is the first week of May, and at our school there is a theme each day.  I'm not totally digging this year's theme, so I thought I'd pick out what I want to do and then make it tie into the theme somehow.  Circus is this year's theme.  I give it up for all the creative parents that come up with something cute and unique each year....but a circus doesn't exactly scream "You're Fabulous!"  It kind of says..."Thanks for putting up with my monkey and the rest of the chaos all year."  As a teacher, it's not exactly how I want to wrap up my school year.

So this morning (and a few days last week) I went in search of some super ideas that I can somehow incorporate with our theme and once again found some great ideas!

 First up...homemade sugar scrub.  It's time to heal those cracked heals and head out for a mani/pedi!  This are the directions to make your own from Maybe Matilda that I absolutely LOVE!  She made them for a baby shower, but I already have some ideas for the CIRCUS.  I'll post when they are complete. ;)

Next...homemade notecards.  Creation corner has a tutorial on how to create these....

I think I'll add, "Thank You" to the bottom too.  These are super easy and teachers ALWAYS need thank you cards!!

The Fickle Pickle has their own theme, complete with printouts that you can use for any of the items she's come up with.

Eighteen 25 has several neat ideas too.  Including this sorting box with all kinds of color coordinated desk supplies.  She is also kind enough to provide the print outs for all of her cute stuff!

And finally, the motherload of ideas found on Tip Junkie includes links to so many cute, sweet ideas that I think I may go into diabetic shock...This one linked up is from Shauna and Co. and the best part is that she has the letter on line so that you could borrow.  I LOVE borrowing!!!